Our team

  • Tony Lowe
    Senior Workplace Rehabilitation Provider/ Rehabilitation Counsellor/ Injury Management Co-coordinator
    – Cert. Occupational Rehabilitation; Cert IV TAA, Cert Professional Mediation
    – Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Studies (Rehabilitation Counselling)
    – MASRC, IAC,

  • Clare Goss and Robb Macmillan (AEP; ESSAM)
    Clare and Robb are both Accredited Exercise Physiologists with Degrees in Exercise Science and Exercise Physiology (Professional Honours).
    They both provide Ergonomic Assessments including postural education and exercise prescription, with a focus on injury prevention and rehabilitation.
    Also Clare and Robb provide Workplace Assessments, Functional Capacity Assessments, Ergonomic Workshops, and Manual Handling Workshops.