Our Mission & Commitment

Our Mission

  • To focus on the positive and the possible
  • To uphold dignity and esteem
  • To support ability and capacity
  • To work with honesty and integrity
  • To provide excellence and consistency in service delivery
  • To achieve a positive outcome for all parties
  • To give back through our support of Speak Up Stay Chatty

Our Commitment

  • To ensure an early response – we aim to communicate with allrelevant parties within 24 hours to ensure optimal results
  • To maintain the personal dignity and self-esteem of all individuals
  • To communicate openly and respectfully with all individuals and organisations
  • To identify achievable options and goals while maintaining appropriate support networks
  • To provide continuity of care and excellence in service delivery
  • To offer an holistic approach – to take a comprehensive view of all factors impacting on individual and organizational well-being
  • To focus on outcomes – to incorporate realistic strategies to achieve timely and appropriate outcomes for all parties